Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Games Week”?

Games Week, shortened as GW, is a convention dedicated to videogames and technology happening in Ticino. The event, firt born as an idea of a team of freidns, it then developed getting the attention of the Giopi SA.
The intent is to creat a common place that allows us to share the passion for videogames and to interact with the new technologies available.
All of this without forgetting to give the chance to disabled visitors to have fun and live these experiences tearing down any ideological barrier, educating in this way the whole population of our Canton Ticino.
The head of the team of this convention works and collaborates with the GIOPI SA. You can find more informations in the section “events”.
The 2016 Games week Ticino is a premiere for Ticino.

When and where will take place this convention?

The convention will happen the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016 at the Padiglione Conza of Lugano. Address: Centro espositivo Conza, Via Campo Marzio – 6900 Lugano. For more informations visit the page: Information



I lost an item at the convention, how can i find it?

All objects lost during the conventions will be given at the lost and found office of the “polizia comunale” of Lugano. NB.: Games Ween and GIOPI SA is not responsible for any item lost, damegd or stolen and others.
What can i do if i loose something or something gets stolen?
You can signal the loss at the security and the main ticket office, the management will take down your details. If the items will be found you will be contacted.
N.B: Games Ween and GIOPI SA is not responsible for any item lost, damegd or stolen and others.

Can my child visit the convention by himself or does he have to stay with me?

We reccomend that you stay with your childrens and enjoy the videogames conventions all together in family. We want to remind you that the convention as a high volume of visitors. If a kid gets lost the staff and security guards will work to reunite them with their fmilies. Some games and stands can refuse the accessi if the children does not have the apprpriate age or if he is not accompanied by an adult.

Can i get out of the convention and come back later?

Yes, it is possible to get back in by showing the wristband at the entrance.
Is it possible to have lunch inside the pavilion?
Yes, there will be a food area inside the pavilion and you will be able to eat and drink there.

Will there be a smoking area?

No, the smoking area will not be present, to smoke you will have to get out.

Can the animals enter the convention?

No, animals are not allowed inside the pavilion.

I am disabled, how can i access?

The access to the convention has facilities and is on a ground level only. Parking: the parkings for disabled are available in the parkings of the Conza pavilion
Access at the stands: every stand holder has the obligation to make the access to their own stand easy for disabled visitor, allowing them to interact with displaied products.
At the entrance of the convention there’ll be a priviledged access.


Can i give my press badge to someone else?

The press badges are strictly personal and not transferable. The number of press badges is limited and controlled. The press badge service of the convention reserves the right to cancel the passes in case of abuse.
Every press badge has a name on and will have to be shown together with the ID of the holder. You can forward us your name when you forward our request at:

Holding a Press, Blogger, Youtuber, VIP badge does not imply a special treatement.

Stating from when will it be possible to request a Press-Blogger-Youtuber-VIP badge?

The request for the Press-Blogger- Youtuber-VIP badge is active until the 19th March 2016.
In order to subscribe you need to send an email to our staff( email:
Press, Blogger, Youtuber and VIP will receive the badge by Swiss Post. During the convention the security organs have the right to verify the badges requesting an ID from the holder.

Per informazioni: Nadir Tiguarfa (mail:


Can i have a VIP Pass?

No, the VIP passes are managed by our management and are only given to the staff and important personalities attending. Under management decision.


Do we need to register somewhere?


Is there a cosplay village inside the pavilion?

No, the griups of cosplayers will have the chance to organise their own stands as stand holders. (we are very happy to have you with us during this adventure, let’s play!)

Can i bring softair weapons or similar inside the pavilion of the Games Week?

No, it is not possible to bring in any kind of softair weapon, metal objects or wish sharp edges. For the remade swords it is not possible to access the pavilion.


How can i take part to the tournaments?

For tournament subscriptions see the page: Tournaments.

I didn’t find an answer to your questionm who can i contacT?

You can send your questions by email using the form at page: Contacts